The New American College of Legal Medicine Opens the Comment Period for the First Draft of the Bylaws   

As I have mentioned in prior Notes from the President, the College is going to propose a number of Bylaws changes for 2015. Some of the proposed changes to the Bylaws are unlikely to be controversial (such as those the place explicit responsibilities upon the Secretary). Many of the proposed changes are being driven by our need to expand our membership base. These latter proposed changes, which will make the College more inclusive than exclusive, have the potential to spark controversy.  

Accordingly, the College has placed in the Member’s section of its webpage the following documents: the June 2014 EC charge letter to the Bylaws Committee and the Bylaws Committee’s first draft of the proposed changes to the bylaws (appearing in both a “track changes” format and a “clean copy” format).The charge letter contains the specific bylaws issues identified by the EC for modification and the EC’s suggestions for the direction of the changes to be made to the bylaws. After reviewing the charge letter and deliberating, the Bylaws Committee then drafted the proposed changes. (Please note that the Bylaws committee did not adopt all of the EC’s recommendations.) Click here to access these documents on the website or access the documents below.

All fellows of the college are encouraged to go to our webpage and review the proposed bylaw changes by December 1, 2014. Any fellow who has any comment —pro or con— concerning the proposed bylaws changes is encouraged to submit their feedback on the ACLM website.

Taking such action by December 1, 2014 is important. Based on the feedback the College receives during the month of November, the proposed Bylaws will be redrafted and republished as a final version to reflect the comments received. The College will than publish the final version of the proposed Bylaws changes that the Fellows will vote on at the Annual Meeting of the Fellows in January. Not only is your timely feedback important, but all Fellows must realize that there will be only a finite amount of time at the Annual Meeting of the Fellows to discuss the proposed changes. Thus, if you want to be heard on this matter, the best way to be heard is through your written comments filed during the month of November.

As readers of Notes from the President are aware, I having been pushing transparency and meritocracy. The NEW ACLM cannot afford to slip back into the dark ages of decision-making. Accordingly, for the first time, the College will provide our management company with real time feedback. On January 15th of each year, Ewald Consulting will send each member of the BOG a form to evaluate their services. Members of the BOG will be given two weeks to complete these forms and the data will be present at the BOG meeting in February. As I am aware that many Fellows cannot attended this meeting, beginning with the BOG meeting February, the College will place in the BOG’s meeting book all of the Ewald evaluations. Accordingly, members interested in this information will be able to find it online in the BOG Book.  

Speaking of the February meeting, the program for the Annual Meeting has been finalized. When you receive your copy of the Program in December, please take notice of what an excellent job Drs. Donnerberger and Anawis have done in recruiting outstanding outside speakers. Also, please consider this your personal invitation to join us in Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan Hotel this February.  Remember: THE DISCOUNTED REGISTRATION FEE OF $550.00 IS TIME LIMITED; so register for the meeting early to take advantage of this membership benefit.

For those of you who have not been to the website lately, the College has issued a position statement on Ebola treatment. Briefly, the statement calls for less fear mongering and more rational decision-making when it comes to the care and treatment of those with Ebola. (Those interested in the details should consult our webpage.) This position statement is the second such statement issues by the College in recent months. The College certainly has become a NEW organization.

I trust by now that you have all received your printed copy of Legal Medicine Perspective (LMP). (If you have not received your copy of LMP in the mail please notify Ms. Laurie Krueger ([email protected]) immediately. I think that Dr. Cochran had his team did an excellent job of modernizing LMP. Now perhaps some Fellows or Members of the College may not agree with the leaderships’ position on Ebola or the Mental Health Act that we supported.  Or perhaps you disagree with some of the “Perspectives” in the current issue of LMP. If so, share your thoughts with us. You can do this by either sending out a Legalmednet message; or consider sending an article to Dr. Greg Cochran ([email protected]) for potential publication in Legal Medicine Perspective.

As always, I value your opinions. Anyone with feedback on anything in this message or anything related to the College should please feel free to contact me at [email protected]; or call me 913.526.5526.


Tom McLean, MD, JD, FCLM, ESQ
President Elect & Acting President