55th Annual Meeting of the College Receives High Marks

The 55th Annual Meeting of the American College of Legal Medicine (ACLM) was held at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, February 26 to March 1, 2015; and received high praises from attendees. Many thanks to the Program Chairs Dr. Donnersberger and Dr. Anawis, as well as Ewald Consulting, for putting on such a fine meeting.  Recognition is also due Dr. Bruce Seidberg for running the dental session, securing a donation from Tulsa Dental, and recruiting several new dental members. Parenthetically, the College is grateful to Tulsa Dental for their years of generous support.

At the Annual Meeting of the Fellows, the College said good-bye to outgoing Board of Governors (BOG) members Drs. Leon Aussprung and Brad Lee. We thank them for their years of service to the College. Replacing these individuals on the BOG will be Drs. Eli Avila, Don Havins, and Kalu Ogbureke. We welcome these three individuals and look forward to their contributions during the coming years. Dr. David Donnersberger was elected to the Secretary position; and Drs. Hinnant and Orr were moved up to the Treasurer and President-Elect positions (respectively). The Fellows approved Dr. Vicky Green to remain in the Past-President position.  Finally, the Fellows, with a few minor amendments, approved all of the proposed bylaws changes. Dr. Shelton and the Bylaws Committee are to be congratulated for their hard work.

At the BOG meeting itself, three key actions were taken. First, the BOG approved a rewards system for anyone who refers someone who becomes a member. For each person referred, the referring member or Fellow will receive a $50 reduction on the price of registration at next year’s Annual Meeting.  Second, Dr. Tsai was tasked with developing an action plan for recruiting new members under the age of 40. Dr. Tsai is to deliver his report to the BOG during the September 2015 meeting. Finally, the BOG approved Dr. Conomy’s recommendation to modernize the Journal of Legal Medicine (JLM). Dr. Conomy is to provide the BOG with prototype of the “modernized JLM” in 90 days.   

The College now has its own Facebook Page. The page will be managed and edited by Dr. Hinnant. Knowing Bill’s work ethic, the College’s Facebook page will soon be “trending.”  So, if you are looking for the latest information on the College or a freshly handed down judicial opinion, please see our Facebook page.

Finally, below are my 2015 Committee Assignments. Just like last year, each Committee has been given specific goals.

Anyone with any thoughts or comments on the College’s operation is welcome to contract me: 913-526-5526 or [email protected]

Tom McLean, MD, JD, ESQ, FCLM
President, American College of Legal Medicine

Services Council, Chair Dr. Donnersberger

Directory and Website Committee, Chair Dr. Buckman

Members: Richard E. Fradette; and  Veling Tsai
Goals: (1) Create a “tab” portal for CME (both internal and external); (2) Inspect website once a month and report to management what information needs to be updated and what software features are not functioning properly; (3) improve content; and (4) obtain a new vendor for managing legalmednet

Marketing and Public Relations Committee, Dr. Bojko

Members: Virginia Hinnant, Debra Pettacca 
Goals: Develop strategies to increase:  (1) membership; (2) Annual Meeting attendance; and (3) industry support for the Annual Meeting

Publications Committee, Chair Dr. Jack Conomy

Members: Ted LeBlang;  Gene Basanta, Greg Cockran
Goals: (1) Modernize JLM; (2) Develop CME for LMP; and (3) develop a marketing strategy to sell LMP to non-physician members.

Education Council, Chair Hinnant

Education and Professional Development Committee, Co-Chairs  Dr. Orr and Moreno

Members: Drs. Waxman, Donnersberger, Anwis, Hinnant, McLaughlin, and Grasskemper
Goals: (1) Develop and produce all aspects of the 2016 Annual Meeting (including poster session and Banquet entertainment); and (2) Provide CME accreditation for the College and Joint Partners. 

Student Awards Committee, Chair Adam McLaughlin

Members: Susan  Balter, Robert Buckman, Joy Delman, Mark  Greenwood, Cyrene Grothaus-Day, Alejandro Moreno, Howard Morgan,  Kalu Ogbureke, Dorothy Rasinski Gregory, Catherine With
Goals: (1) Ensure that competition announcement flyers are sent out in a timely manner; (2) Ensure that grading of papers is done in a blinded fashion, (3) Ensure that papers are efficiently graded; and (4) update flyers so the reflect the current rules regarding the student writing competition

Membership Council, Chair Dr. Green

Honorary Fellowship and Gold Medal Committee, Chair: Dr. Cowan

Members: Art Cohen and Marv Firestone
Goal: Identify Gold Medal and Honorary Fellowship winners

Membership and Credentials Committee, Karin Zaner

Members:  Mary Wall, Richard Fradette; Noah Sabin; Marty Stillman, Kalu Ogbureke; Mathias Okoye; Jonathan Fanaroff, Tom Walsh;  Rollin Matsui; Chester Gary
Goals: (1) Process all applications in a timely manner; (2) work with Marking Committee to increase the dues paying membership to >800 members by the next annual meeting; and (3) develop a policy for granting membership to organizations

Nominating Committee, Chair Dr. Green

Members: Drs. Steve Waxman and Cyrene Day, and Two BOG member to be selected at the Sept BOG meeting.
Goal: Selection of a nomination slate to meet the bylaws’ publication date

Ways and Means Council, Chair Orr

Bylaws and Resolutions Committee, Chair Dr. McLaughlin

Member: Dr. Hinnant 
Goals: Revise Bylaws per the Discussion at the Annual Meeting of the Fellows

Ethics / Amicus Committee, Chair Dr. Day

Members: Daniel Schwartz; Toan Tham; Dorothy Gregory, Gene Basanta 
Goals:  Review and consider request for the College to sponsor Amicus Briefs

Finance Committee, Chair Dr. Donnersbeger 

Members: Drs. Jack Syder, Don Havens, and Deven  Sharma
Goals: (1) Recommend annual dues prices for new member classes; (2) Recommend a pricing structure for the College Joint Partnership and Joint Sponsorship of CME activities; (3) Free up as much money as possible for the marketing committee; and (4) develop a policy for pricing institutional membership

Ad hoc Committees and Councils, Chair Dr. McLean

ACLM Counsel

Chair Dr. Hinnant and Eric Eglite

AMA Delegates

Drs. Wilber and Green

Moot Court, Chair Gene Basanta

Members: Drs. Monique Anawis, Henry H. Chan, David Donnersberger, Charles R. Hollen, Sana Loue, Alejandro Moreno, Veling W. Tsai
Goals: Put on Moot Court Competition

Judicial Council, Chair Dr. Dick Wilbur

Members: Drs. Dale Cowan, Art Cohen, Bruce Seidberg, and Phil Shelton