Time and the College

There never seems to be enough time. This is very different from money, for which some people seem to have abundance. Yet, for those interested in participating the College’s Mid-Year meeting time is truly running out.

Our Mid-Year meeting will be held aboard the “Independence of the Seas;” and will sail from Ft. Lauderdale, FL on October 18, 2015 and return October 25, 2015. The meeting is being chaired by Dr. David Benjamin and its theme is “Contemporary Issues in Law and Medicine.” Registration for Fellows and Members of the College is only $550 and attendees can  receive 12 hours of CME category 1 credit. Depending on your jurisdiction, it may be possible to claim up to 12 hours of CLE. Importantly, to insure cabin space on this cruise, the deadline for registration is July 4, 2015. Anyone interested in getting onboard this Caribbean cruise should immediately contact our Executive Director, Laurie Krueger. The College is looking forward to seeing all of you at the Mid-Year meeting.

Like clockwork, the College’s plans to provide readers of Legal Medicine Perspectives (LMP) with 2 hours of CME credit per issue continue to advance. Beginning with the September issue of LMP, readers will find a CME quiz on the content of the current issue of LMP. To claim your CME credit, you will have to log into our webpage (www.aclm.org) to provide your answers. Further details will be provided in the September issue of LMP and on the webpage. Similarly, the plans for the modernization of the Journal of Legal Medicine (JLM) continue to advance. However, it is my understanding that JLM will not suddenly change, but will rather evolve over a period of time. That is interim Editor-in-Chief Dr. Jack Conomy will introduce new features to the JLM format over several issues.

And what about the most important form of time: leisure time. Last month, I was very pleased to see a very spirited debate on legalmednet. As time goes by, I look forward to reading similar high-quality debates among our Fellows and Members. Our Facebook page continues to grow and attract new followers thanks to the tireless work of Dr. Bill Hinnant. I would also encourage all of our Fellows and Members to tune into University of Indiana Professor of Law, and our 2013 Sanbar Lecturer, Nic Terry’s weekly “This Week In Health Law” podcast (www.twihl.com). Professor Terry gets great guests and the discussions are excellent. Finally, Fellows and Members who enjoy the San Francisco region should review the CME course offerings by the Western Institute of Legal Medicine (WILM). The institute is run Past President Marvin Firestone and Fellow Dan Tennenhouse. San Francisco is one of my favorite places and the WILM has some unique course offerings (especially designed for the California market).

I would be remiss if this issue of Notes did not spend some time on business. Presently, the only major business of the College is the ACCME review scheduled for June 18. It is the cachet of the ACCME that allows the College to accredit its own meetings and provide CME Joint Provider services to other medical societies.  Not surprisingly, the ACCME accreditation of the College provides the College with an important revenue stream and a certain amount of prestige. (Less than 50 non-university organizations are ACCME accredited Joint Providers.) For the College, re-accreditation looks favorable: After the College turn over all of the necessary reaccreditation documents, the ACCME did not ask any follow questions or ask for more supporting documents. The College should receive notice of its recertification by December of this year.

The final topic is vacation time. During the next several months, I do not anticipate that the College will take any major action. According, Notes from the President is going on vacation. The next planned issue for Notes will in late September or early October; i.e., after the September 12, 2015 meeting of the Board of Governors. I wish all of you the best summer vacation ever.

As always, anyone with any thoughts or comments on the College’s operation is welcome to contract me: 913-526-5526 or [email protected].

Tom McLean, MD, JD, ESQ, FCLM
President, American College of Legal Medicine