I'm pleased to welcome you to the NEW American College of Legal Medicine!

Since my last letter, the College has selected and installed a new management company. Accordingly, please allow me to introduce all of the Fellows and Members to Ewald Consulting. Some of the key Ewald personnel you are likely to encounter include Paul Hanscom, Amanda Ewald, Eric Ewald, and Ms. Laurie Krueger. Ewald Consulting was selected, in part, because its bid for our services was within our targeted price range; and will thereby allow the College to avoid more than $65,000 per year in operating expenses. But also, in part, Ewald was selected because of its commitment to transparent management and having a corporate culture that is most compatible with that of the College’s culture. Our transition to Ewald’s management would not have been possible without the diligence of the Board of Governors, the Financial Committee, the ad hoc transition team chaired by Drs. Siedberg and Hinnant, and a substantial amount of Dr. Buckman’s time.

Soon, you will see a number of changes with respect to the College’s structure and function. Perhaps the most obvious change will be the College’s new website. The new website should be up and running no later than June 27, 2014. In the new members section, the College for the first time will begin publishing the minutes for the EC calls and BOG meetings. Every month the EC has a telephone conference call to review, coordinate, and plan the College’s activities. The BOG meets twice a year. If you want to know what the College is doing and where it is headed, please check out these documents. Another new feature of our website will be the "Members on the Move” section. The "Members on the Move” section will allow all Fellows and Members to notify (read "advertise”) to the public their latest successes or upcoming publications. This advertising space will be free to all members— and will be the first of many new membership benefits. Finally, our new website will have its own social media section. In short, I encourage all Fellows and Members visit the new website.

Speaking of the website, you will soon be contacted about a membership survey. The purpose of this survey is to perform a needs assessment of our membership. The chairs of the Amicus, Membership, Marketing, and Website committees are currently working hard to develop the survey tool; the College’s leadership most definitely wants your input into what the College should and should not be doing for our membership. That is to say: YOUR INPUT INTO THIS SURVEY IS IMPORTANT. Yes, we know your time is valuable; and that for some it may take more than 30 minutes of your time to complete the survey. But remember that the College’s leadership can only improve the College with your help.

Some Fellows and Members may be wondering what the College will do with the "management dividend;” i.e., the $65,000 of management fees the College will avoid because it hired Ewald. The short answer is that the College is going to convert the "management dividend” into membership benefits.

The exact membership benefits that the new American College of Legal Medicine will offer are currently being hammered out, so I cannot promise anything. However, some of the benefits I am personally committed to advance include: (1) lowering of the annual meeting registration fee by at least 20%, (2) returning Legal Medicine Perspectives (LMP) to a printed format, and (3) possibly bringing in more paid outside speakers to our annual meeting. There is one benefit that I am sure will occur: The College will hold its 2015 Annual Meeting at a higher class Las Vegas venue — a venue that will better reflect the august nature of the College. Please keep reading "Notes from the President” so that you can stay abreast of the new membership enhancements; or better yet, watch for the announcements on our new website.

Finally, I am asking for everyone’s help with the search for a new Editor-in-Chief of LMP. After Dr. White resigned as LMP’s Editor-in-Chief, the position has been vacant. In part, the vacancy reflects the College leadership’s need to focus on more pressing matters. In part, the vacancy reflects the College leadership’s desire to find the right person to assume LMP’s Editor-in-Chief position. Specifically, we are looking for someone who will take on the challenges of publishing LMP as a labor of love. Accordingly, the College will consider non-academics in addition to individuals with extensive publication experience, for our next Editor-in-Chief of LMP. While the Editor-in-Chief of LMP does not receive monetary compensation, I promise you — from personal experience — serving as LMP’s Editor-in-Chief will enrich your life and make you a better attorney. Please contact me if you are interested.

I value your opinions. Anyone with feedback on anything in this message or anything related to the College should please feel free to contact me at [email protected]; or call me 913.526.5526.


Tom McLean, MD, JD, FCLM, ESQ
President Elect & Acting President