The New American College of Legal Medicine’s Report on its Committees   

I trust that everyone reading this edition of the Notes from the President has had an excellent holiday season.  I look forward to seeing everyone at the Las Vegas Cosmopolitan Hotel February 26 to March 1, 2015 for our Annual Meeting. I encourage everyone to take advantage of the discounted registration fee of only $550 for those attendees who stay at the Cosmopolitan. Please keep in mind that this membership benefit expires very soon (on January 25, 2015).

Traditionally, the month of January is for reflection.  So, I have reflected on the progress of the ACLM’s Committees. To be objective in my reflections, I reviewed the goals that I set for the Committees last March. Below, you will find the previously circulated Committee’s Goal document that has been annotated in blue with the Committees’ results.  Although some of the goals are not yet evaluable; 75% of the goals sets for the Committees have already been met; and in the next three month, this figure is likely to reach 90%. This is to say, without the work of the Committees’ members (listed below) there would be no “New” ACLM.  Accordingly, at the Annual Meeting Awards Banquet, when I recognize the Committees chairs and members and ask for a round of applause, please clap like there is no tomorrow.   

Speaking of awards, most of you know that virtually all of the College’s awards are determined by the Gold Medal Committee.  The major exception to this rule is the “President’s Awards,” which are left to the President’s discretion.  Some Past Presidents have given away this award like it was candy; thereby diluting its value. Some Past Presidents have not given out this award.  I would like to take the middle ground and recognize two individuals. Actually: three individuals. If Dr. Buckman was not to receive the Gold Medal Award this year, I would give him a President’s Award. Bob does more work for the College than is generally recognized. 

The first of the two Presidential Award winners this year is Dr. Donnersberger. Normally, the Chair of the Finance Committee has a sleepy position. Not this year.  Dr. Donnersberger was instrumental in the efficient review and ranking of the 30-plus submitted RFIs for our management position. David was largely responsible for the deal with the Foundation to protect our assets. Arguably, David is now the individual with the most expertise in the College’s finances; and I cannot imagine a better individual to sit on the Executive Committee someday.  The second Presidential Award winners this year goes to Dr. Cochran, the new Editor-in-Chief (EIC) of Legal Medicine Perspectives (LMP). From firsthand experience, this is a labor intensive job. Accordingly, I was not surprised when several of the individuals I approached to be the next EIC of LMP turned me down. Greg was the only individual to jump at the opportunity to serve the College. Thus, Greg is the recipient of the President’s Award not only because of the work required of an EIC, but because he embodies the kind of attitude towards College service that needs more cultivation.

As always, I value your opinions. Anyone with feedback on anything in this message or anything related to the College should please feel free to contact me at [email protected]; or call me at 913.526.5526.


Tom McLean, MD, JD, FCLM, ESQ
President Elect & Acting President

ACLM Committee Progress Update

Services Council, Chair Dr. Hinnant

Directory and Website Committee, Chair Dr. Bob

Members: James Thomas ([email protected]);  Richard E. Fradette ([email protected]); Joseph Graskemper ([email protected]); and  Veling Tsai


  1. Fix the distribution problems associated with LMP Although this issue became obsolete when LMP was published in paper, the website committee, in conjunction with Ewald, did an outstanding  job of improving the quality of the website.
  2. Create a “Members on the Move” Section    Done
  3. Coordinate with the Chairs of Amicus Membership, and Marketing committees to perform a needs assessment of our members    Done
  4. Coordinate with Chairs of Membership, Moot Court and Marketing to see that the website needs of these committees are being meet;  Done; but there is still need for substantial improvement in the content of the website.
  5. Inspect website once a month and report to management what information needs to be updated and what software features are not functioning properly.   To my knowledge, this may not be occurring exactly monthly, but Ewald has been very attentive when remedial action is required.
Marketing and Public Relations Committee, Chair Dr. Anawis

Members: Michael Vinluan ([email protected]); Chandler May ([email protected]); Ray King ([email protected]); Chris Griffen ([email protected]); and Mary Wall ([email protected])


  1. Work with the chairs of the Membership and Website Committees to perform a needs assessment of our members;  Done
  2. Work with the Finance committee and Treasurer to establish a budget for Marketing; (3) Work with the Chair of the Website Committee to maximize our marketing in cyberspace; and (4) seek out corporate sponsors for the Annual Meeting. 

    These actions really have not been done; and the failure to follow-up and take action on this point is mine. During 2015, I will be taking a hard look at who is on this committee. Anyone who believes that they can have a positive impact on the Marketing Committee is asked to contact me.
Publications Committee, Chair Professor Merkel

Members: Gene Basanta ([email protected]); Seema Mohapatra ([email protected]); Michael Getty ([email protected]); Sara Ingram ([email protected]), Ted LeBlang ([email protected]); TBA the editor of LMP when she is named


  1. Identify a new LMP editor Done
  2. Increase the number of law review articles per journal issue  With the resignation of the EIC of JLM, progress on improving JLM hit a speed bump. However, I have been informed by the publisher of JLM (Taylor-Francis) that Jack Comony, our JLM interim EIC is the most energetic EIC since Ted Le Blanc.  
  3. Work with Finance committee and EC to return LMP to paper publication    Done

Education Council, Chair Dr. Orr

Education and Professional Development Committee, Co-Chairs Drs Anawis and Donnersbeger

Members: Jack Conomy ([email protected]); Michael Vinluan ([email protected]); Richard Hanover ([email protected]); and Karin Zucker ([email protected]).


  1. Reduce the Cost of the Annual Meeting w/o reducing quality Done
  2. create a formal sit-down dinner for the annual banquet at the Annual meeting. Please keep in mind the need for entertainment at the meeting. Done; and the Banquet will have an outside speaker.
Student Awards Committee, Chair Adam McLaughlin ([email protected])

Members: Susan  Balter ([email protected]), Robert Buckman ([email protected]), Joy Delman ([email protected]), Mark Greenwood ([email protected]), Cyrene Grothaus-Day ([email protected]), Alejandro Moreno ([email protected]), Howard Morgan ([email protected]), Kalu Ogbureke ([email protected]), Dorothy Rasinski Gregory ([email protected]), Catherine With ([email protected])


  1. Ensure that competition announcement flyers are sent out in a timely manner;  Done
  2. Ensure that grading of papers is done in a blinded fashion Done
  3. Ensure that papers are efficiently graded    In the process of being completed

Membership Council, Chair Dr. Green

Honorary Fellowship and Gold Medal Committee, Chair Dr. Seidberg ([email protected])

Members: Dorothy Gregory ([email protected]), Cyril Wecht, Sandy Sanbar, and Phil Shelton


  1. Recognition of quality members                    Done
Membership and Credentials Committee, Chair Dr. Alejandro Moreno

Members:  Mary Wall, Richard Fradette ([email protected]); Noah Sabin ([email protected]); Marty Stillman, Kalu Ogbureke; Mathias Okoye ([email protected]); Jonathan Fanaroff, Tom Walsh ([email protected]);  Rollin Matsui ([email protected]); Chester Gary ([email protected])


  1. Increase membership by 5%;   Hard data not available yet
  2. Work with the Marketing and Website Chairs to conduct a needs assessment  Done
  3. Work with the Finance and Bylaw Chairs to reduce the number of membership classes to three (Fellow, single degree, all others; note that within a membership class members may still be charged different dues rates)   Done; however this cannot be enacted until the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Fellows.
Nominating Committee, Chair Vicky Green

Members: Two BOG selected Candidates, Adam McLaughlin, and Dr. Frank Riccio.


  1. Selection of a nomination slate to meet the bylaws publication date   Done

Ways and Means Council, Chair Dr. McLean (in his capacity as President Elect)

Bylaws and Resolutions Committee, Chair and Parliamentarian Dr. Shelton ([email protected])

Members: Adam McLaughlin ([email protected]); Larry Schlacter ([email protected]), and Bill Hinnant ([email protected])


  1. Identify the procedure to fill the vacant BOG seat (The candidate from the meeting were Drs. Don Havens, Eli Alvia, Mary Wall, and Ray King);  Done, this seat was filled by Dr. King.
  2. Advise on whether the medical member BOG seat can be filled by a Fellow of the College; Done
  3. modify bylaws such that the secretary is made responsible for the maintained of our intellectual property and oversee the performance of our document retention policy; Done
  4. in conjunction with the Finance committee modify bylaws so that we have three membership classes (duel degree, single degree, and all others – not all members in a class may have to pay the same membership dues) Done
  5. revisit and clarify the succession planning of the EC in the event that an EC member resigns or dies.  Done
Ethics/Amicus Committee, Chair Dr. Day ([email protected])

Members: Daniel Schwartz ([email protected]); Toan Tham ([email protected]); Dorothy Gregory, Gene Basanta


  1. Perform a needs assessment in coordination with the Chairs of the Marketing, Membership, and Webpage committees   Done
  2. Review the 2008 amicus brief selection policy for its current appropriateness.  Done, based on the Committee’s recommendation, the College adopted a new policy for the selection of Amicus Briefs.
Finance Committee, Chair Dr. Donnersbeger 

Members: Bill Hinnant, David Donnersberg, Jack Synder, Deven Sharma ([email protected])


  1. Rank the responses to the RFIs for the management company Done
  2. Develop an asset protection plan Done
  3. Determine how to price a three tiered membership structure (price variation with class is acceptable) Not done because a vote to modify the membership classification has not occurred yet
  4. Free up as much money as possible for the marketing committee.  Not done; because money had to be reserved for certain contingencies that arose after this goal was set.

Ad hoc Committees, Chair Dr. McLean (in his capacity as Acting President)

Poster, Chair Karin Zucker ([email protected])

Member: Christopher Burkle


  1. Double the number of posters    It is unlikely that his goal will be meet. During the year the members of this committee experienced personal misfortunes that frustrated this goal.
  2. Work with Publications Chair to have posters published   Not done
CME, Chair Dick Wilbur ([email protected])

Members: Steve Waxman and James Thomas ([email protected])


  1. Prepare for CME audit in July   Done
  2. Develop the policies and procedures for the College to provide Joint Sponsorship  Done
  3. Draft Sample Contract / MOU between the College and a management company for Joint sponsorship work (this document should include a fee structure)     Not done yet. The College and Ewald consultants are in the process of accrediting one outside institution’s CME program.  The College agreed with Ewald that we should develop one pilot program prior to entering into an MOU.
Moot Court, Chair Gene Basanta

Members: Monique Anawis, Francois M. Blaudeau, Henry H. Chan, David Donnersberger, Charles R. Hollen, Sana Loue, Alejandro Moreno, Veling W. Tsai

Goals: No changes  Done; very well.

Policy, Chair Dr. Graskemper ([email protected])

Members: James Thomas ([email protected]); Toan Tham ([email protected]), Bruce Siedberg


  1. Revise the ACLM’s Policies concerning Document Retention, Conflict of Interest, and Whistle Blowing.   Done