Good News, Sad News

I am pleased to announce that the College has been re-accredited to provide CME accreditation for the next four years. As many of you are aware the College has sought to be re-accredited as a CME provider by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) both for the prestige and as a revenue stream.  (The College is one of the few non-university organizations authorized by the ACCME to provide CME accreditation to other medical societies.) To secure this re-accreditation, the College was required to have all of its CME documentation for the last three years audited; and Drs. Richard Wilber, Steve Waxman, and myself had to be interviewed by ACCME officials. I would like to thank Dr. Wilbur and Dr. Waxman, as well as Ewald Consulting, for lending their time and expertise to this process.

I look forward to see all of you at the 2016 Annual Meeting in Austin. For those of you who have not made plans, the meeting will be held February 25-28, 2016 at the Renaissance Hotel in Austin. Program Chairs Dr. Orr and Dr. Moreno assure me that they have secured a quality line-up of speakers for the meeting.

During the Annual Meeting of the Fellows, election of the College’s officers will be a little different this year. Many of you will recall that last year the Fellows amended the Bylaws so as to reduce the number of the number of Board of Governors positions. Accordingly, this year we will not be voting in any new Governors; we shall only vote in a new Secretary. Also unique to this year’s proceedings, the Nomination Committee has elected to endorse a slate of candidates for Secretary rather than to get behind an individual candidate. The candidates for Secretary are (in alphabetical order): Dr. Leon Aussprung, Dr. Vicky Trompler, and Dr. Veling Tsai. As in past years, we will also take nominee candidates from the floor.

Finally, in addition to the usual awards that are given out by the College at the Annual Banquet, I am going to name only one person for the President’s Award. Like last year, I have selected this individual based on his willingness to take on a difficult task and give it his all. I am pleased to honor Dr. David Benjamin the 2016 President’s Award for all the work he did on the mid-year meeting.

Now the sad news. This is last Notes from the President that I plan to write. It has been an honor and privilege to serve the College as President for the last two years. Much has been accomplished. But now following the role model established by a great Roman, Cincinnatus, I wish to retire to private life. Accordingly, after the Annual Meeting, and unlike others before me, I am not going to ask for, or attempt to, continue in a leadership role. The current executive committee is composed of good people (I should know as I had a hand in selecting them). So, for the near term, the College has plenty of leaders. However, like Washington and Eisenhower, I do have a short Farwell Address for the rank and file.

The College got into fiscal trouble a few years back because of special interest groups. No more than any other leader, I have not made special interest groups extinct. (I would have been happy just to get them listed as “endangered species”). That said, if you care about the College, demand from the College’s future leadership that all of their dealing with third parties are reduced to paper and that document is placed on the web. Then review those documents yourself. If you do, the College will be around for a long time.

Again, thank you for the privilege and honor of the last two years.

Tom McLean, MD, JD, ESQ, FCLM
President, American College of Legal Medicine