The New American College of Legal Medicine’s 2015 Annual Meeting will be held at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas


The leadership of the American College of Legal Medicine (ACLM), in association with Ewald Consultants, has contract the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, NV to host our 2015 Annual Meeting. The Meeting will be held February 27 to March 1, 2015. The Meeting’s Program Chairs, Drs. David Donnersberger and Monique Anawis have recruited an excellent field of speakers. Drs.  Donnersberger and Anawis are working hard to ensure the 2015 Annual Meeting will have a more collegial feel.  One of the first things that Fellows and Members of the College will notice about the 2015 meeting is the registration process and fees:  Meeting attendees who simultaneously register for the meeting and book their room reservations with Cosmopolitan will receive a substantial discount in registration fees.  The base room rate at the Cosmopolitan will be $199 per night and registration for the full meeting will be priced at only $550.  (This special meeting registration price is about 20% less than last year’s Meeting’s registration price.)  I encourage every Fellow and every Member of the College to attend this meeting and experience the New ACLM.

In this issue of the Notes from the President, I am pleased to announce two other membership benefits: the return of Legal Medical Perspectives (LMP) and a mechanism to obtain a discount on your annual dues. Dr. Greg Cockran has been named to the position of Editor-in-Chief of LMP. Under Dr. Cockran’s tutelage LMP will be published quarterly in print.  (We will make special arrangements for individuals who want to only receive an e-copy of LMP.) So that no one is overwhelm with reading material, LMP’s publications dates will be staggered with the publication dates for the Journal of Legal Medicine (JLM). Under this publication system, beginning in September, every Fellow and every Member of the College should receive a copy of LMP or JLM approximately every six weeks.

The second new membership benefit concerns your dues.  Over the past five years, we have experienced a steady decline in membership. With the College’s leadership now focused on membership benefits, the Executive Committee wants to encourage every Fellow and every Member to spread the news of the NEW ACLM.  Accordingly, for every new member you refer to the College, the College will reduce your annual dues fee by $50 dollars. Conceptually, if you refer a sufficient number of new members to the College, you annual dues will be zero dollars.

Now let us get down to some business. First, let me thank all of the Fellows and Members who have completed the needs assessment survey. Your time is appreciated. For those of you have not yet completed the needs assessment survey, please do so.  Your opinion matters.  The final date for submitting a complete survey will be August 31, 2014.

Second, it should not come as no surprise that that the NEW ACLM will require bylaws changes. For example, officially we have twelve membership classes, which are probably seven or eight classes more classes than we need.  Another example of a needed bylaws change concerns the excessive number of individuals who have served six years on the Board of Governors and now appear to have no opportunity to advance to the Executive Committee. For this reason, I have asked our Parliamentarian Dr. Phil Shelton and the Bylaws Committee to compressively review and update our bylaws. Thus, at the annual meeting it is anticipated that there will be several proposals to change the bylaws.  

Traditionally, the discussions to amend the bylaws have –from time to time- been acrimonious. To help stream line the discussion at the Annual Meeting of the Fellows, in the upcoming issues of Notes from the President, I plan to unofficially circulate the proposed bylaw changes. I am going to ask every Fellow to review the proposed bylaw changes. Should any Fellow have any thoughts, comments, corrections, or additions to these changes, they should contact Dr. Shelton. The purpose of this request is not to bar discussion at the meeting. Rather, ideally the wording and grammar changes will be resolved before the Meeting so that any discussion is collegial.

Finally, the Executive Committee has adopted a new policy and procedure for consideration of legal cases for Amicus Briefs. In the past, the College has been approached by more resource rich organization to take part in an Amicus Brief filing. The due diligence for the College to consider such briefs can tax the College’s resources. According, going forward, the College will require proponents of Amicus Briefs to share in the initial due diligence burden and identify what issues the College is specifically to address; and to provide supporting documents. Anyone interested in having the College consider an Amicus Brief is please asked to review our new policy on the College’s webpage

As always, I value your opinions. Anyone with feedback on anything in this message or anything related to the College should please feel free to contact me at [email protected]; or call me 913.526.5526.


Tom McLean, MD, JD, FCLM, ESQ
President Elect & Acting President