ACLM Annual Meeting, a Great Success

According to the formal survey and informal feedback the College has received, the annual meeting in Austin was a success academically and administratively. I would like to thank all those involved in bringing the event to fruition from Laurie Krueger and Kelly Feekes of Ewald Consulting to Alejandro Moreno and Bruce Seidberg, my co-medical and dental program coordinators. 

Next year’s meeting in Las Vegas is coming together nicely. We have narrowed our venues to two properties.  Program Chairs Bill Hinnant and Steve Waxman are being greatly assisted by Las Vegan Don Havins who is demonstrating the irreplaceable value of an enthusiastic local coordinator. Once again the College is grateful to Bruce Seidberg for volunteering to coordinate the dental breakout sessions, a niche that has always been profitable to the ACLM. A primary goal is to have this annual meeting turn a profit overall for the first time in several years. Your registration is essential to accomplish that.   

The College has undergone significant changes over the past 3-4 years. The changes have been positive and include the merging of the ACLM, the ACLM Foundation, and the ABLM in entrepreneurial endeavors. We expect to see a predictable positive cash flow from this new paradigm as the expertise of all three entities is combined with regards to CE projects, profitable publications, and the like. 

The ABMM was merged into the ABLM, creating a larger more diverse ABLM.  I would encourage all Fellows to consider becoming ABLM Diplomates.    

The JLM has a new Editor, Richard Kelly, an anesthesiologist from UC Irvine. Dr. Kelly has been actively recruiting peer reviewers and continuing to grow projects such as our historical interviews with ACLM icons.  Also look for the publication of winning student papers and posters, which included research on antibiotic overuse and a compelling review of family planning laws in China.    

Once again Karin Zucker coordinated an outstanding poster session which was available throughout the meeting. While continuing to work with Karin, Chris Burkle will be assuming primary responsibility for the posters at our next meeting. 

ACLM Committee assignments are ongoing. We need help in many areas and I would encourage you to please contact Ewald for inclusion in areas that are of particular interest to you. 

The College also needs to increase membership. I am grateful that BOG Member Don Havins, who sponsored 69 new student memberships recently, introduced me to the ACLM after I passed the CA Bar in 1998. I now have been fortunate to have sponsored several new members over the years. The most effective recruiters we have are our current Members and Fellows interacting with fellow professionals. Please consider promoting the ALCM to your colleagues and students. The College has in place the option to receive a discount to the Annual Meeting for those who recruit new members.

The Fellows’ meeting included a review of and subsequent modification of the Bylaws. Last year the College voted to decrease the BOG to 6 members. After discussion, this year that number was increased to 8.  These 8, combined with the EC officers results in a governing body of 13. Congratulations to Verling Tsai who was elected as the ACLM’s newest Board member in a very close election comprised of 3 highly qualified candidates.    

The awards dinner included President’s Gold Medals being presented to Matthias Okoye and Phil Shelton.
Finally I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our Past President Tom McLean. Dr. McLean meticulously analyzed the College’s financial status beginning some 5 years ago. He determined that the ACLM was proceeding further and further into fiscally unsustainable waters. Dr. McLean effectively slowed that adverse momentum and we have now changed direction. As we stay the course Dr. McLean has established I am confident the College will turn negative cash flow to positive. Membership growth and participation are keys to our success. Again, I ask for your help in recruiting new and reactivating former members.

AS for myself, I have accepted the privilege and responsibility of the ACLM Presidency. I fully realize I stand on many pairs of highly respected shoulders, including those of our founders. I am thankful to be surrounded by advisors of merit on our EC and BOG and will be grateful for circumspect thoughts that will benefit the College from any Member or Fellow. I fully expect the College to continue to become a more singular player, advisor, and policy driver in the health professions/legal arena of ideas.


Daniel L. Orr, II, DDS, PhD, JD, MD, FCLM
President, American College of Legal Medicine