Save the Dates and Watch for Improvements

The College is pleased to announce that it has selected venues for its next two meetings. The 2016 Annual Meeting of the American College of Legal Medicine will be held at the Renaissance Hotel ( in Austin Texas between February 25th and 28th of 2016. Having made repeated trips to visit my son, who has gone to school in Austin for the past seven years, I can tell you that Austin is a beautiful city. The program chairs for the 2016 meeting, Drs. Orr and Moreno, have assured me that a complete program will be ready for publication by September 1st of this year. If you are interested in participating in this meeting, please contact one of the two program chairs immediately.

In addition, this year the College will bring back the mid-year meeting. The theme for this meeting is “Contemporary Issues in Law and Medicine” and it is being chaired by Dr. David Benjamin. David has lined up many excellent speakers for this meeting; and the complete program and registration form will be sent out shortly. For the College, the venue for this mid-year meeting will be unique as the meeting will be held aboard a cruise ship. The “Independence of the Seas” will sail from Ft. Lauderdale, FL on October 18th, 2015; and return October 25th, 2015. During the ship's time at sea, the ship will take in several Caribbean port cities. Registration for Fellows and Members of the College will be only $550 and attendees will receive 12 hours of CME category 1 credit.

Readers of the College’s journals will soon notice changes in the format of the Journal of Legal Medicine (JLM) and Legal Medicine Perspectives (LMP). JLM has been a fine scholarly publication; but that has also been it downfall. With a more competitive market for scholarly law reviews, law reviews are finding it harder and harder to fill their pages with quality law review style articles. Increasing JLM-and other law reviews- are seeing their readership slipping. JLM, under interim Editor-in-Chief Dr. Jack Conomy, seeks to be proactive in dealing with this trend. Accordingly, JLM will soon have a new look and feel by the addition of several new features, including a “Founder’s Series.”  During this transition period, Dr. Conomy is open to new ideas. Those who wish to make a contribution to changes in JLM should contact Dr. Conomy by email ([email protected]).

Meanwhile, LMP’s Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Greg Cochran, is also modernizing his journal. Beginning with the September issue of LMP, the College will offer Fellows and Members of the College two hours of free CME credit for reading each issue of LMP. The details of how this new membership benefit will work are still being hammered out. But the College is pleased to do more for its Fellows and Members.  

Another change, which actually started last year, is that the College is increasingly taking public positions on controversial topics in legal medicine. During the April EC meeting, the College voted to join the American Academy of Emergency Medicine in its letter to CMS. While the letter is available for your review on our website, the bottom line is that College supports due process rights for employed physicians. If you do not agree with our position, please get involved. The easiest way to get involved is to let the College hear your thoughts via our Facebook page.  Parenthetically, Dr. Bill Hinnant, who edits our Facebook page, would be interested in having an individual join him as a co-editor of our Facebook page. Bill is particularly looking for a right-leaning individual to balance his left-leaning tendencies. Anyone interested should contact Bill via Facebook.

The final change that the Fellows and Members will notice is that the College is increasingly engaging in reciprocal advertising agreements. The College is seeking out other organizations –like the World Association of Law and Medicine- who have memberships with overlapping interest to ours so that we change exchange email contacts. The College feels that these reciprocal advertising agreements are a win-win situation: Our members become aware of meeting and services for which they might have an interest; while to College gets to market our services to potential customers with no out-of-pocket expenses.

As always, anyone with any thoughts or comments on the College’s operation is welcome to contract me: 913-526-5526 or [email protected]

Tom McLean, MD, JD, ESQ, FCLM

President, American College of Legal Medicine