May 2019

I hope everyone had an enjoyable spring break holiday. The College continues to work on the items to improve the infrastructure and recruitment. During the most recent annual meeting held in Los Angeles, the Student Law And Medicine (SLAM) student interest group was formed. The effort, spearheaded by Dr. Joe Graskemper, has been reaching out to the graduate schools and programs to garner student interest in law and medicine through mentorship. If any members are interested in supporting the efforts to reach out to graduate health or law programs in your area, please let us know so that we may continue to increase our visibility to future members. 

In addition to the student interest group, the newly formed Young Leaders ad-hoc Committee had its inaugural meeting last week and new goals were set for recruiting and attracting young members. The ad-hoc committee is composed of fellows and members under the age of 45. The committee’s charge is to attract and recruit young fellows and members to the college. We hope that the success of this committee will translate to not only increased membership, but also to foster new leadership pathways for the College’s future. 

Although still nine months away, the educational program for the ACLM annual meeting in Scottsdale is being planned and organized. If you, or anyone you know, is interested in presenting at the meeting, please let us know so that we may reach out to you regarding the submission process. If you find a current hot topic appropriate for our fellows meeting, again, please let us know. We very much covet your ideas. For example, the recently passed Veterans Administration Mission Act of 2018 is a great topic for presentation if anyone has any interest or focus in this area. 

Finally, I want to remind members of the ACLM mid-year meeting, “A Day With the Judges,” co-sponsored by WILM, taking place in Oklahoma City on Oct. 18, 2019. A Day with the Judges will include discussion of ethics for professionals, various implications of prescribing opioids, and consequences of unprofessional conduct. Please make sure to plan on attending this event in October. For more information, visit 

Have a wonderful month of May and look for my next Note soon! 

Veling Tsai, MD, JD, FCLM 
ACLM President
[email protected]