ACLM Membership Benefits

As a member of the American College of Legal Medicine, you would be part of the professional community of physicians, attorneys, dentists, health care professionals, administrators, scientists, and others with a sustained interest in medical legal affairs. We invite you to join our diversified organization and receive the extraordinary benefits that you won't find anywhere else.

The Journal of Legal Medicine
As a member, you would receive this scholarly journal on a quarterly basis. This journal offers in-depth discussion of topics of interest in legal medicine, health law and policy, professional liability, hospital law, food and drug law, medical legal research and education, and a broad range of related topics.

Legal Medicine Perspectives and Notes from the President
As a member, you would receive this bi-monthly review of medical legal developments, including summaries of prominent cases and discussions of recent statutes. In addition, you would also receive Notes from the President, an insert in the pages of Legal Medicine Perspectives that provides a brief capsule of the activities and news of the College and its members.

On-Line Searchable Member Directory
Your membership would grant you a password to access the ACLM on-line searchable membership directory. This directory allows you to search for members alphabetically, geographically, or by specialty and area of expertise.

Reduced Registration Fees and Continuing Education Credit
Your meeting registration fees for all ACLM meetings are significantly less if you are a member. And, you can earn both CME and CLE credit by attending the ACLM’s Annual Meeting.

Annual Meeting
The ACLM Annual Meeting is devoted to providing you with comprehensive consideration of recent developments in legal medicine and other important health law issues.

Professional Community
The ACLM offers you the opportunity to communicate and interact with others who share your interests in and concerns about legal medicine.

Jury Verdict Review Publications

Medical Malpractice Publications

For the Legal Professional . . .

Jury Verdict Review Publications presents the National Medical Malpractice Review & Analysis, a monthly, nationwide review of medical malpractice verdicts and settlements. The cases published are selected from our extensive national database as well as our Jury Verdict Review publications and are specifically selected for their informative and comparative value in the preparation, presentation and defense of medical malpractice litigation. We know of no other periodical available that provides information on medical malpractice issues as thoroughly and extensively as this publication does.

To subscribe to this invaluable service, click the "Subscribe Now" button below. We are currently taking charter subscriptions in which you or your firm will receive a $200 discount off the regular subscription price of $495. (Please note: To obtain the same monthly medical malpractice coverage would involve subscriptions to all of our state and national publications at a cost of almost $1,800 per year)

For the Medical Professional . . .

Zarin's Professional Liability Publications (, the medical liability division of Jury Verdict Review Publications, Inc., utilizes the extensive malpractice database generated by Jury Verdict Review Publications, Inc., to isolate and enumerate existing standardsfor medical and dental practices recognized by medical schools, providers, and liability insurance companies. Zarin's Liability Alert Publications, partners with the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey ( to provide continuing medical education for physicians and dentists based upon cited cases and our malpractice advisory highlighting deviations from particular standards of care.