April 2019
April marks the start of spring season and although to me it represents more patient visits for seasonal allergies, this year, as the President of ACLM, it also represents the start of new goals and direction for the College for the year and years to come.  This is because the ACLM strategic workgroup met on Saturday in Chicago.  There were over a dozen members of the College that attended the meeting, ranging from 2 past-presidents, BOG members, new and old fellows, and student members.  I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to the attendees for taking the time and effort to be in Chicago with me.
During this meeting, we focused on the fundamental mission of ACLM and started a long-term vision of the College for the next year to the next 5 years.  More importantly, with this vision, we started on the steps needed to achieve that vision.  This ranges from revitalizing our publications, including the revamp of the Legal Medicine Perspectives, to providing the public with the College’s expertise on legal medicine, by decoding political rhetoric of current hot topic healthcare issues and “scholarizing” these healthcare topics that we see on social media.  Unfortunately, the public, of all age groups, is increasingly getting their news information from social media outlets of unknown credibility.  These are just a few of the concrete goals we will strive to accomplish.  From these goals, you can surmise that our vision for our College includes both internal improvements for current members and external attempts to increase our public exposure, and in turn, recruit new members.  To accomplish this, we will need the collective efforts of the entire College membership.   I implore you to join our efforts to help improve our College together, and please email me if you are willing to participate in our efforts to make ACLM great again.
I want to also announce the ACLM mid-year Meeting, co-sponsored by WILM, which will take place in Oklahoma City on Oct. 18, 2019.  A Day with the Judges will include discussion of ethics for professionals, various implications of prescribing opioids, and consequences of unprofessional conduct.   Other hot topics will also be explored with a panel of judges and experts.  Please make sure to plan on attending this event in October.  For more information, visit www.wilm-ed.org for more information.
For ACLM members in the Midwest, Southern Illinois Health Policy Institute will also have a CME/CLE event on May 17, 2019 in Carbondale.  The course is titled Beyond Stigma: Developing Workable Behavioral Health Policies.  There will be a live videocast to the ISBA Chicago office.  For more information, visit https://law.siu.edu/academics/center-programs/health-law-policy/health-policy-institute.html.  As always, if you are aware of legal medicine programs that may be of interest to others, please email me and let me know.
Have a great April!
Veling Tsai
[email protected]