The LEGALMEDNET discussion system is provided as a member benefit of the American College of Legal Medicine. The purpose of this system is to provide our members a real-time interactive resource for discussing real cases and experiences.


The new list serve address is [email protected].

To use this listserv, simply email [email protected] from your personal email account. You must email the list serve from the email address you have on file with ACLM.

How it Works

The LEGALMEDNET discussion list is a two-way email list server that allows anyone whose email address is on the list to send an email message to everyone else on the list at the same time by simply sending a message to a single email address. The address to send your messages to is: [email protected]. You can reply to the list messages just like you would reply to any other email message. The difference is that your reply will be sent to all of the email addresses on the list. If you abuse the list serve, you will be unsubscribed.


If you are replying to a posted message through email, please remember to remove your unsubscribe information at the foot of the email. Consider if your reply should go to the whole list serve, or back to the original sender only. Also, please adjust the subject line if necessary to avoid the following (RE: RE: RE: SomeSubject) where multiple members may have already replied. Also, please remove your email footer (text regarding how to unsubscribe from the list) when replying.

Who's on the List

The LEGALMEDNET list consists exclusively of ACLM members' email addresses. Non-members do not have access to read or send messages.


If you are an ACLM member and are not already on the list but would like to be added, please email your request to [email protected] In your request, please indicate that you would like to be added to LEGALMEDNET and include your first and last names.


If you don't want to receive list serve emails, below are two options to opt out. Do not email the list serve to unsubscribe.

Email [email protected], subject line: ACLM List Serve Unsubscribe.

Please note this will only unsubscribe you from messages through the ACLM discussion list serve, not ACLM emails from [email protected] (such as this notice, Annual Meeting updates, Notes from the President, and other association news). Unsubscribing may take up to 1 week to take effect.

Contacting the List Owner

If you have any questions or problems with your subscription, please contact the list owner at: [email protected]