2017 Annual Meeting Session Materials

ACLM 57th Annual Meeting
February 24-26, 2017
Bally’s Las Vegas

Health Law in the 21st Century: Challenges in a Changing Environment

Download the 2017 ACLM Annual Meeting Program. (24 MB)

Following are the individual session handouts. Titles with active links are currently available - others will be added as they become available (last updated 3/10/2017):


Joint General Session I: Recent Developments in Legal Medicine

General Session II: Protecting Providers In an Era of Rapid Change

Stewart Reuter Lecture

Poster Presentation Abstracts

Breakout Session I: Legal Medicine and Patient Safety

Breakout Session II (Ethics): Legal Medicine, Substances and Vulnerable Populations

General Session III: Health Care Reform 2017— An International Perspective: What Works and What Doesn't—A Roundtable Discussion from All Continents

Breakout Session III (Ethics): Legal Medical Ethics— An ACLM Saturday Morning Tradition

  • Ethical challenges in Implementing and Operating a “Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers” Program
  • Ethical considerations in Operation of a Physician Assistance Program (Mansky)
  • Managing Ethical Dilemmas Inherent In Promulgating Statutes Regulating the Use of Controlled Substance for the Treatment of Pain
  • Ethical Imperatives in Medical School Operations

Cyril Wecht Luncheon: Landmark Medical-Legal Cases in the Supreme Court of the Unites States (D. Wecht)

Breakout Session IV: Digital Medicine—Digital Law

Sandy Sandbar Lecture: Training and Expectations for the Expert Witness in Australia—Could Guidelines Work In the U.S.? (Beran)

Annual Awards and Networking Banquet: Ins and Outs of Representing Unpopular Clients (Goodman)

General Session IV: Future Issues in Legal Medicine

General Session V: Student Writing Awards

General Session VI (Ethics): Ethical Dilemmas in Health Care

Dental Program

Dental Session II

Dental Session III

  • Ethics of Dental Plan Adjudication (Preble)
  • Application of Regulation Z of the Fair Credit Reporting Act in Dental Practice (Jerrold)
  • ADEX Related Licensure Issues (Pappas)

Dental Session IV

  • Potholes and Land Mines in Dental Education (Aksu)
  • Fifty Shades of Gray (Zarkowski)
  • Legal Issues in Dental Education (Hill)
  • TBA (William)

Dental Session V

  • Malpractice and the Power of Apology (Tham)
  • Dr. Pepper© vs. SLEP (Orr)
  • Bite Marks As Dental Evidence (Panomitros)
  • Dentist Contracts in Corporate Dentistry (Davis)

Dental Session VI

  • Public Health in the Dental School (McKenzie)
  • Ethics In the Operatory (Gary)
  • Legal Issues for Team Dentistry (Moore)
  • Updates in Dental Malpractice (Riccio)

Dental Session VII

  • The Dental Compact - Is it Feasible? (Seidberg)
  • Medical Fraud—False Accusations (Morse)
  • Current Status of Emailing Images/Radiographs (Graskemper)